How Optimism Is Good For Your Health

Good health might have different meanings for you, whether it is emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually. It is a fact that each of these separate parts play cohesively and are valid and impacting factors that affect your overall health.

Though most of us, especially with the fad of going to the gym, chugging wheat grass and doing everything you can to have a physically appealing body, may think that being healthy means looking good, it does not truly encompass every facet of the word.

Being healthy spreads out to not only physically eating right and exercising, but also being mentally at peace and satisfied with your life. It means having your emotions under control and doing everything you can to live a happy, social and successful lifestyle.

If you are eating right, exercising the right amount, avoiding excessive drinking or smoking and not putting your body at risk for negative effects, then you might think that you are healthy. But being healthy also means that you are healthy mentally and emotionally. The parts are all interconnected.

So if you are mentally healthy, it can transfer over to feeling physically optimistic and good about your body, which can transfer over to taking care of your body and actually looking good. This also works vice versa. If you are taking care of your physical assets, eating right and being proud of your body, then you are most likely to be satisfied with who  you are and be mentally positive and happy in your life.

Of course it’s not always so simple and there are many things that also factor into your overall health. Some of those factors are things that you cannot control, like genetics, your environment or accidents and physical injuries. But your mindset and your outlook on life, what you think, is something that you CAN control.

Since you have the ability to take control over your thoughts, it is safe to say that optimism, and thinking positively about events or in general about your life is a good way to go about life. This can not only transfer over to how you feel mentally and emotionally, but also how your body reacts to your positivity. Positivity and optimism are two constants that can have an influencing affect on your life and your lifestyle.

A positive mind paves the way for your immune system. Each is directly affected with one another. If your immune system is boosted, then your body can better fight off diseases and provide a positive environment for your health. A better immune system means less sickness and less susceptibility to diseases and illness getting the best of you.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet has a direct affect on your hormones. A good hormonal balance means stability, which is what your body is looking for. A boost in positive hormones, such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, can be seen through exercise. These have overall positive effects on your body and thankfully can be achieved through working out, which can be done regularly.

A positive attitude also affects your heart and your brain. There are multiple studies shown to reveal that having a better outlook in life can improve the health of your heart. The studies show that people with high levels of optimism have double the chances of having ideal heart health when compared directly with more negative people. Having a healthier heart can stabilise your blood sugar levels and create a healthier environment within you.

Overall, being healthier through positivity can lead to having a better start when attempting to problem solve. Because of the decrease in health issue, our ability to problem solve rises. Being optimistic also helps increase our levels of adaptive behaviours and cognitive responses, which overall helps in developing a better environment to think and problem solve.

Though there are many factors affected directly, physically and chemically with the power off positivity, a balance of every aspect of health is important when trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle. There are so many things you can implement into your day to day to life to improve your mental and emotional health, but it all starts with the first step: Beginning with a positive attitude and outlook in life.

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