Blooming G is the prime and pioneering brand of Borage Oil capsule in the Philippines introduced by BAUCH (Phils.) Laboratories Corp. & distributed by LO-AR Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. to the Filipinos.


GLA helps in moisturizing and hydrating the skin from within, while promoting healthy reproductive system- particularly in relieving PMS, menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms.


Women take 1 to 2 capsules of 500mg Borage Oil a day alongside meals for their daily supply of GLA.


In the Philippines, the pioneering brand for GLA from Borage Oil is BLOOMING G.


But Blooming G is not like any other.


It was encapsulated through the LICAPS HARD GELATIN CAPSULE technology by CAPSUGEL FRANCE which ensures the potency and safety of the product.


Upon importation, it was packed with utmost care in the BAUCHLab plant at Silang, Cavite. BAUCHLab ultimately conducted strict Quality Assurance inspection and Quality Control tests that ensures product quality & excellence before releasing it to the buying market.


So again, what can GLA do for you?


Well, don’t just take our word for it. Go on and read these RAVE REVIEWS from the Blooming G users & even beauty bloggers & vloggers!


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