What is Blooming G Borage Oil Capsule?

Blooming G is the first ever FDA approved Borage Oil supplement in hard gelatin introduced in the Philippines by Bauch (Phils,) Laboratories Corp. through its distributor, LO-AR Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

As the premiere skincare capsule for Filipinos, Borage Oil helps to keep the skin looking young and radiant due to the Gamma Linolenic Acid or GLA found in the oil which is an Omega-6 fatty acid known for boosting skin health.

Aside from this, GLA in Borage Oil is also used to promote & maintain healthy reproductive system - and helps in relieving PMS/menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms.

Who produced Blooming G Borage Oil capsule?

Bauch (Phils.) Laboratories Corp. and Capsugel France partnered up to bring this breakthrough product to the Filipino market.

BauchLab is a GMP Certified and a proud Filipino-owned manufacturing plant located in Cavite that conducts strict & world-class Quality Control tests and Quality Assurance inspections to ensure the quality and excellence of the product.

BauchLab is the only company in the Philippines that markets Borage Oil in HARD Gelatin Capsule.

Capsugel is a world leader in designing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of innovative dosage forms for biopharmaceutical and consumer health & nutrition industries. It is also a trusted source of quality empty gelatin capsules of pharmaceutical and food manufacturers worldwide.

“Technology from France, but with PUSONG Pinoy.”

What are the precautions before taking Blooming G Borage Oil?

Blooming G is generally safe for 18 yrs old and above. However, if one has any medical conditions which require medications, the person must consult first with his or her doctor before taking any food supplement, including Blooming G.

Blooming G must NOT be taken by a person who is pregnant (unless prescribed by OBGyne during labor for cervical ripening), breast-feeding/ lactating moms; also for persons with bleeding disorder, with liver & kidney diseases, and those who underwent surgery (within 2 weeks of taking- before and after).

It should also NOT be taken simultaneously with any blood thinner (e.g. Aspirin, Warfarin, etc.) as Borage Oil already has natural blood thinning properties.

How to take Blooming G Borage Oil Capsule? 

Blooming G must be taken alongside meals (either dinner or breakfast), once or twice a day.  

Never take Blooming G with an empty stomach. 

Can this cause pimples?

Generally the GLA Omega 6 (main component of Borage Oil in Blooming G) have an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect to the skin, which helps manage acne problems.

Some users say they experience pimple breakouts for quite some time of initially taking it, because of the anti-oxidant properties of Borage Oil. After which the Blooming G users say they notice that the acne becomes dry and replaced with smoother skin after a few months of taking it.

However, results vary from person-to-person; and if one is uncomfortable in taking it, then he or she may feel free to stop it anytime. 

Can this be taken with PCOS medication?

There’s no known drug interaction between borage oil and oral contraceptive pills used in PCOS medication. However, it is best for the patient to consult his or her OB Gynecologist before taking the product.

Is Blooming G safe from PA (pyrrolizidine alkaloids)?

Studies show that certain plant-based food products like bulk honey and retail honey contains Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids. This goes the same with Borage Oil.

But Borage Oil Capsules of BAUCHLab (such as Blooming G & Obrage), went through strict production by Capsugel France following its patented Licaps technology. Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids content per batch produced were tested to quantify the amount of PA present, in order to assure the safety of the consumers.

However, if the customer has an existing liver disease - we still recommend NOT taking the product just to take precautions.

Where can I buy Blooming G?

Blooming G is available in Mercury Drugstore branches in NCR, Metro Pharmacy/Metro Gaisano & BAUCH's own FDA-registered online drugstore: BAUCHCARES.COM  

BAUCHCARES.COM is an ONLINE DRUGSTORE duly registered with Philippine FDA, delivering breakthrough supplements & medicines to Filipino doorsteps.

How much is Blooming G?

One box of Blooming G contains 30 capsules, which costs Php 750.00. 

If you prefer to buy per piece, such is only available  via Mercury Drugstore and Metro Pharmacy @ 25.00 per capsule.

What are the payment options when I buy Blooming G via BAUCHCares.com?

For Metro Manila deliveries, BAUCHCares.com accepts cash-on-delivery (COD) + other payment options.

For outside Metro Manila, other payment options are paypal /credit card, bank deposit (BDO & Metrobank), Cebuana Lhullier, & Palawan Express.  NOTE: No Cash-on-delivery (COD) available. 


How long before I receive the delivery from BAUCHCares?

For Metro Manila deliveries, it takes 1 to 2 days from the working day* that the order was processed.

For outside Metro Manila, it takes 3 to 5 days from the working day* that the order was processed.

*BAUCHCares.com online facility receives orders 24/7; but processing by our personnel is done from Mondays to Fridays 8AM to 4PM only.  Any order received after such time mentioned will be processed on the next working day.