How To Protect Your Skin From Pollution

These days it seems as if it is almost impossible to keep your skin and body clean and well protected from all the harmful elements in the environment around you. The least you can do is wash your face every now and then when the day is through, or take a shower to rinse off the world and all its evil from your body.

However, reaction is not the only thing possible.

You can also take action to prevent and protect your skin from the harmful parts of our environment that is around us at almost all times and of which we have no control, for instance: pollution. This can mean all sorts of things. Not only is this pollution that comes from factories, which you may think is so far away from you it doesn’t matter, but can come from the simplest and most common of things that can be found on every street corner, or better yet, every street: traffic. Traffic pollution is actually the single most toxic substance for skin.

Living in a city-area, you can be exposed to multiple types of debris and negative things in the air. For instance, there are always free radicals, floating debris, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), volatile organic compounds (VOC), oxides, particulate matter, cigarette smoke and ozone around that can be potentially harmful for you and in particular, your body. This can actually lead your skin into instances of pre-mature raging and possible acne. It has actually can be shown that living in a heavily polluted area can make women age TEN PERCENT faster than those living in rural areas.

Here are some ways on how to protect your skin from pollution:

  1. Lather up.

First off, SPF is found in just about anything now. This protects against a large negative factor in our environment, for instance, UV rays. These rays can even be harmful against cell mutation, which not only sounds awful, but is horrible for us and our skin. Use creams and protections that contain vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea and organ oil. These ingredients will be your fellow soldiers in protecting your skin against forming new radicals.

  1. Protect and cleanse at the same time.

Instead of just using a nightly gel or liquid cleanser, opt for a heavy duty oil cleanser or micellar water to not only wash out and protect your skin from the normal every day, but also wipe out soot and debris found in pollution and in the air.

  1. Hydration is key.

Pollution can dehydrate your skin, so use a hydrating cream that contains a lot of hyaluronic acid right before you go to bed. This will replenish the moisture you lose during the day and do it while you are sleeping, which won’t cost you a thing.

Protection and care are things that you have to conscientiously take part in. In other words, you have to take action. Taking care of your skin, especially in a world reeked with pollution is a chore, but ten years from now, your skin will thank you.

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