Improve Your Mood in 5 Minutes!!!

Remember that a GOOD MOOD is one STEP to ACHIEVE your desired health. Here are brief hacks you can start with…


1)   Listen to uplifting music.

–      You can check out this youtube video for quick listening:

–      Or check out this playlist:


2)   Quick full body movement

3)   Give yourself (or someone else) a hug


4)   Read/ Watch/ Listen to a Joke

Visit humor sites or check out memes in the internet, or just throw out some to your colleague


5)   Check out inspiring Instagram accounts

<Screenshot of Bloominglifeph Instagram>




6)   Meditate

Pray or take some 5 minutes of break to be mindful

7)   Find yourself an outlet to vent

Write one stanza of a poem; or go ahead and cry – you’ll feel much better after. Be creative with this.


Stress is the leading cause of physical health problems, and in less than 5 minutes you can apply these simple tips to your advantage to improve your mood.

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