Healthy Eating Mistakes You’re Probably Doing All The time

It pays to be health conscious because it is far better to prevent diseases than treating them. The best way to stay healthy is be more mindful of the food you eat. There are so many rules


  • Eating Too Much Granola for Breakfast


Granola, especially the store-bought ones, are rich in fats and sugar. Granola is a breakfast staple because it is very filling plus it is packed with dietary fibers. If you think you can’t enjoy breakfast without eating granola, you should select the untoasted ones.


  • Avoiding Egg Yolk


Many people only prefer eating egg whites because they fear of consuming too much cholesterol from the yolks. However, this is strongly discouraged because egg yolks are very rich in vitamin B and D, iron and protein. Just be mindful of your daily consumption of eggs. According to health experts, it is okay to eat at most three whole eggs per day.


  • Choosing Low-fat Instead of Full-fat Products


Contrary to popular belief, fats are good for the body. This nutrient is important especially for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, K and D. It is also essential in producing fatty acids such as linolenic and linoleic acid. Regardless if you are a fan of fat or not, you should never opt for low-fat food products. Compared to full-fat products, low-fat food contains more sweeteners and added flavoring.


  • Drinking Fruit Juices


Lately, a lot of health buffs are obsessing over juicing fruits because of all the vitamins and minerals that contained in one glass alone. But is it really as healthy as they say? Research shows that it’s better to consume fruits as they are. Experts explain that the natural fiber acts as a buffer for all the natural sugar contained inside a fruit.


  • Consuming Agave Nectar Sweetened Products


It is very common to find agave nectar sweetened food products in the groceries. Agave nectar is considered by many as a healthy sweetener because of its low glycemic index. Don’t be easily fooled. The glycemic index is simply a measure that determines how a food product can affect the blood sugar level. It does not specifically determine the amount sugar molecules in a particular product. Furthermore, agave sweeteners contain a lot of fructose, a type of sugar that can cause severe health problems.  


  • Using “Healthier” Vegetable Oils


People are cautious about saturated fat. Which is why, many individuals spend a lot of time reading food labels to check if they contain saturated fat molecules. As such, food manufacturers introduced healthier types of oils in the market to give health-conscious people more options. Some of the popular types of vegetable oils you can find in supermarkets include cottonseed, soya bean and corn oil.

Oil from vegetables and seeds are very hard to extract, hence manufacturers use high temperature. Because of the process, vegetable oils contain too much Omega-6. Omega-6 is a type of oil that when consumed excessively can cause body inflammation.


  • Indulging Too Much on Healthy Fats


Avocados, extra virgin olive oil plus nuts are very healthy for your body. They all contain monounsaturated fatty acids that helps maintain good heart health. Because these products are deemed healthy by many medical experts, some people tend to consume them excessively. Remember to eat these products in moderation.


  • Eating Gluten Free Snacks


Gluten is a protein molecule found in grains like wheat, rye, oats and barley. There are a lot of products in the market that contain gluten. Some popular examples include ketchup, canned sauces, condiments and pasta. A lot of people around the globe are sensitive to gluten, so manufacturers introduced thousands of gluten-free products to consumers.

However, there are some gluten-free products that cause harm to the body because of the added artificial flavoring and sweeteners. If you want to enjoy a gluten-free diet, you must opt to eat real food like meat and vegetables instead.


  • Counting Calories


The calories contained in one medium-sized orange is roughly the same as one can of soda. However, this doesn’t mean that these two food products are created the same. Oranges are of course far healthier because apart from the calories, you can get vitamin C as well as other minerals if you chose to eat it as a snack. Soda is just composed of sugar molecules which can cause health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


  • Totally Avoiding Sweet Treats


Another common mistake done by health buffs is totally eliminating sweets from their diet. It’s perfectly okay to consume sweets like candies, pastries and chocolates from time to time. If possible, you should reward yourself with your most favorite sweet treat every time you reach a fitness goal.

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